"End of the evening" treats



English Toffee

What does Serafinali mean?

Pronunciation: se RAH feen all e

Francine's Italian surname is the basis for our company name. 
Sera translates to "evening" and finali translates to "end of" in Italian, referring to Serafin "end of the evening" treats.
Ali translates to wings in Italian and the origin of Serafin is Seraphim, meaning angel, thus Serafinali can also mean angel wings-the reason for Serafinali's logo, drawn by Francine's daughter, Rachael.

Francine's English Toffee is a  tasty treat from an old family recipe.  Made with no artificial ingredients: Sugar, Butter, Almonds, Chocolate, and Walnuts.


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"End of the Evening" Treats

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